Bosch PXX675DV1E

(32amp) 60cm 4 Zone Twin Flex Induction Hob

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  • BOS-PXX675DV1E
  • 51mm
  • 606mm
  • 527mm
The induction hob with PerfectFry: achieve perfect frying results thanks to automatic... more
Product information "(32amp) 60cm 4 Zone Twin Flex Induction Hob"

The induction hob with PerfectFry: achieve perfect frying results thanks to automatic temperature control.

  • DirectSelect Premium: Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
  • PerfectFry: For perfect browning of roasted foods thanks to sensor control with 5 power levels.
  • FlexInduction Zone: Get more flexibility by combining the cooking zones into one big zone for placing small pots and large cookware.
  • Induction: Fast, precise cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption.
  • PowerBoost: Up to 50% more power for faster heating.

    Choose any spot for your pots, pans and roasting dishes.
    Whether you are using one pan or several, you can place one behind the other or have them side by side. Thanks to FlexInduction by Bosch, you have the freedom of choice. As induction heats the bottom of the pan and not the hob itself, you can cook anywhere on the surface of the hob. You can use your cooker like a conventional induction hob with separate cooking zones, or connect it up at the touch of a button. This is how you can gain additional space, for example in order to position large items of cookware such as roasting dishes, wherever you like.

    Usability on a bigger scale.
    DirectSelect Premium offers premium usability during cooking with a full length of 30 cm. For an intuitively simple selection of power levels and additional functionalities. The user interface only shows the functions you actually need. The user interface is not visible when turned off and makes for a clean and elegant design of the hob.

    17 stage control setting for induction
    17 stage control setting for induction hobs. Perfect for precise heat control to meet your different cooking needs.

    There are many ways to make the perfect steak. Heres a shortcut.
    The ideal temperature is crucial for frying. Having it too high will make even the best steak fry too quickly or scorch it. No matter how you like to eat it rare, medium or well-done frying meat couldnt be simpler now. The PerfectFry sensor regulates temperatures continuously during frying and adjusts them precisely if needed.

    Take your cooking to a whole new level.
    Extra added power: The improved PowerBoost function in our induction hobs adds even more power to speed up the cooking process. For example, you can now boil 2 litres of water almost three times faster than you would on conventional glass-ceramic hobs.

    Pan recognition
    Pan recognition is an excellent safety feature, as the hob will only produce heat when the pan is on a cooking zone.

    MoveMode FlexZone
    MoveMode makes cooking fully intuitive and comfortable by doing the job for you. Once activated, MoveMode divides the FlexZone into three different areas with pre-set power levels 1,5 and 9 to ensure your food is cooked to perfection.

    PanBoost heats up pans and coated pots even faster, without having to worry about damage from too much heat. The PanBoost function can be easily selected using the touchdisplay, so your pan is ready for cooking within 30 seconds.
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The induction hob with PerfectFry: achieve perfect frying results thanks to automatic... more
Specification: (32amp) 60cm 4 Zone Twin Flex Induction Hob
Number of Zones: 4
Control Type: Touch Button
Edge Design: Side Trim
Height: 51mm
Width: 606mm
Depth: 527mm
Cut Out Width: 560mm
Cut Out Depth: 490mm
Control Position: Front Centre
Hob Hot Indicator: Y
Control Panel Lock: Y
Timer Control: Y
Zone 1 Position: Front Left
Zone 1 Diametre: 190mm & 2.2kW
Zone 2 Position: Rear Left
Zone 2 Diametre: 190mm & 2.2kw
Zone 3 Position: Front Right
Zone 3 Diametre: 190mm & 2.2kW
Zone 4 Position: Rear Right
Zone 4 Diametre: 190mm & 2.2kW
Total Connected Load: 7.4kW
Power Supply Required: 32amp
Position of FlexiZones: Both Sides
Number of Flexizones: 2
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