Siemens CM678G4S6B

45cm Integrated Compact Combination Microwave With HomeConnect

45cm Integrated Compact Combination Microwave With HomeConnect
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  • SIE-CM678G4S6B
  • 455mm
  • 594mm
  • 548mm
iQ700 Compact oven with microwave The compact oven with a height of 45 cm and a built-in... more
Product information "45cm Integrated Compact Combination Microwave With HomeConnect"
iQ700 Compact oven with microwave

The compact oven with a height of 45 cm and a built-in microwave and sensors for quick, perfect combination cooking.

  • varioSpeed: reduce cooking times by up to 50%.
  • TFT Touchdisplay Plus: clear text display and intuitive operation.
  • roastingSensor Plus and bakingSensor: detect the exact moment when your food is done.
  • activeClean: the automatic system for effortless cleaning.
  • Connect: Access and control your oven, no matter where you are - with the easy-to-use Home Connect App

    Cooking at a high level can be that easy. Discover a great choice of delicious recipes in your Home Connect App. Once you have picked your favourite one, you can transfer the ideal settings directly to your oven and even remotely start the heating process. Enjoy convenient cooking, and most importantly: delicious meals.

    Finally, pre-heating is no longer necessary and you can save time: the coolStart function.
    Cooking frozen food in the oven is now even faster thanks to the innovative coolStart function. With the aid of this intelligent heating phase, you can now successfully cook frozen food quickly and without pre-heating which is particularly time saving.

    Never clean your oven again: the activeClean self-cleaning system.
    At the touch of a button all deposits from baking, roasting and grilling turn to ash at high temperatures simply wipe off with a cloth.*
    *Rails and bars can be left in the cooking chamber for iQ700 models only. For iQ500 models all of the wire-work must be removed before the cleaning programme is activated.

    Remote Control
    Let your oven provide you with more freedom and flexibility. Thanks to Home Connect, you can start and end cooking programs and change the cooking settings intuitively via Home Connect App without having to be in the kitchen.

    Remote Diagnostics
    In case there is any problem with your oven, Home Connect offers the convenient possibility of remotely diagnosing it. With your permission the Siemens customer support accesses the appliance online to detect the source of error. If the malfunction cant be solved right away and a personal visit from our customer service is necessary, the professional Siemens technician will arrive perfectly prepared and with the required spare parts.

    The oven itself detects when the baking process is complete: the bakingSensor.
    All thats left for you to do when baking: prepare the pastry and select the required dish. Innovative sensor technology automatically controls the baking process. The bakingSensor measures the moisture content in the oven interior and is therefore able to tell when the dish is ready.

    If it simply must cook faster, you can cut the usual cooking time for your dishes by up to half with: varioSpeed.
    Twice as fast in combination mode: By combining the integrated microwave with the conventional heat types, you can speed up the cooking time if required and still achieve the usual excellent quality. You can thus use your time more flexibly, as the oven bakes just as fast as you want it to.

    Achieve the best roasting results easier than ever before: roastingSensor Plus.
    Thanks to three measuring points, the innovative roasting thermometer is able to precisely and reliably measure the internal temperature of your dishes. This is suitable for numerous dishes and can even be combined with the integrated microwave and the pulseSteam functionality.

    The oven door opens and closes gently and quietly thanks to intelligent damping: softMove.
    Relaxed operation of the oven without pressing and pulling. The intelligent damping mechanism ensures that the oven door opens and closes gently.

    Best baking results regardless of which shelf you choose: 4D hotAir.
    The innovative technology of the fan motor allows ideal heat distribution in the interior of the oven. Your dish therefore always turns out evenly cooked, regardless of which shelf you place it on.

    On a day of rest, use the oven without having to operate it: Sabbath mode.
    With this setting, the oven maintains a temperature of between 85 C and 140 C for up to 73 hours. You can thus eat warm food on the Sabbath without breaking any religious laws, as you don't have to operate the oven for this.

    Pre-installed setting recommendations guarantee the best results for numerous dishes: cookControl Plus.
    Simply select the required dish and enter the weight the cookControl Plus function immediately provides individual recommended settings for perfect cooking. Therefore, for the many dishes contained in coolControl Plus, you achieve the best results in a reliable manner.

    Operating an oven has never been so easy: TFT Touchdisplay Plus.
    The new, large TFT display has the best contrast, is in multi-colour with a high resolution and is clearly legible thanks to cleartext. The advanced display options with high-resolution graphics together with the intuitive menu navigation make operating the oven easier than ever before.
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    iQ700 Compact oven with microwave The compact oven with a height of 45 cm and a built-in... more
    Specification: 45cm Integrated Compact Combination Microwave With HomeConnect
    Type of Appliance: Integrated Combination Oven
    Type of Controls: Dials and Buttons
    Capacity: 45ltrs
    Door Hinge Position: Bottom Hinge
    Product Height: 455mm
    Product Width: 594mm
    Product Depth: 548mm
    Niche Height: 455mm
    Niche Width: 568mm
    Niche Depth: 550mm
    Microwave Power: 900w
    Microwave Turntable Size: Flatbed
    Type of Door Release: Protruding Handle
    Number of Shelves: 2
    Number of Shelf Positions: 3
    Accessories Included: Full Width Universal Pan
    Features: HomeConnect. Control the product with the HomeConnect App.
    Fan Assisted Cooking: Yes
    Number of Programmes: 15
    Total Connected Load: 3.6kW
    Fuse Size: 16amp
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