Miele EVS7010-OBBL

14cm Vacuum Drawer In Obsidian Black

14cm Vacuum Drawer In Obsidian Black
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EVS 7010 Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of... more
Product information "14cm Vacuum Drawer In Obsidian Black"

EVS 7010
Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of food.

Your Exclusive Advantages

Vacuum sealing
Perfect preparation and longer storage
A simple principle with lots of advantages: our practical vacuum sealing drawer removes the oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bags. This method creates the ideal conditions for extending the storage life of your food. At the same time, vacuum sealing is perfect for sous-vide cooking in the steam oven and for portioning and storing food.

Preparation for sous-vide cooking
Perfect preparation
The Miele vacuum sealing drawer is the perfect way to prepare your food for gentle sous-vide cooking with the Miele steam oven. The drawer removes oxygen and air from the vacuum sealing bags containing your food. The food can then be cooked using the particularly gentle sous-vide method, which preserves a large proportion of the vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, meat cooked in this way is particularly succulent and flavoursome.

SensorTouch controls
Intuitive and straightforward
Simple controls: the Miele vacuum sealing drawers can be operated easily and intuitively via a SensorTouch panel which is under a glass fascia. It provides direct access to all of the functions for optimised user convenience. At the same time, the touch panel is easy to clean and is therefore very low-maintenance.

Three vacuum settings
Perfect for any application
You can choose from three different vacuum settings: do you want to gently vacuum-seal pressure-sensitive foods such as fruit? Then select setting 1. We recommend 3 the highest setting for meat and setting 2 for food which contains a lot of liquid. This provides the perfect protection for your food and ensures the best results.

One touch is enough
Hands full? No problem press gently on the drawer and it will open straight away thanks to the practical Push2open mechanism. The spring mechanism ensures that the drawer opens wide, making loading and operating easy. The deliberate lack of a handle ensures that the drawer blends in perfectly with our built-in appliances.

Large usable space
Enough space for any size
Excellent flexibility: you can use the Miele vacuum sealing drawer for containers and bags in a wide range of sizes. The large interior provides plenty of space for all kinds of foods in different quantities up to a maximum size of 250 x 350 mm and a height of 80 mm.

Gourmet Versatility

Longer storage life
Longer storage life
Store food in ideal conditions: vacuum seal your food to keep it fresher for longer.

The right amount
Whether youre cooking a feast or dinner for one make individual portions for storing or sous-vide cooking.

Maximum taste
Create amazing taste sensations by vacuum sealing food with herbs and marinades.

Vacuum sealing in containers
Always in perfect condition
Blanching food in containers: delicate foodstuffs such as fruit or herbs are left intact.

Food stays fresh even once opened
Keep food tasting fresh: reseal opened packaging gently and securely.

Sealing jars
Tightly sealed
Store food securely to keep it fresh: pesto, baby food and much more can be vacuum sealed in jars.

Vacuum sealing liquids
Securely stored
Save space and store food securely: even liquids can be easily vacuum sealed in a plastic bag.


Food-safe vacuum sealing bags
Specially designed for food
The Miele vacuum sealing bags are designed with specific requirements in mind: they are heat-resistant, boil-proof and tear-resistant, food-safe and plasticiser-free for safe storage of all kinds of foods. And crucially, they are taste-neutral so there is no chance that the flavour of the contents will be affected. The scope of delivery includes plastic bags in a range of sizes. Running out? You can buy more from the Miele shop.

User Convenience

Variable sealing times
Different sealing options
It is important to choose the right sealing duration for vacuum sealing bags to ensure perfect food storage conditions or to prepare for sous-vide cooking: thin bags and original packaging such as crisp packets are gently and securely sealed with setting 1. This ensures that the food is perfectly protected from odour or flavour transfer. For sous-vide cooking with thicker bags, we recommend setting 3.

Reusable vacuum sealing containers
Long service life
Environmentally friendly: Miele's reusable vacuum sealing containers provide the best protection for your food. They can be used again and again and are easy to connect to the vacuum sealing drawer with the aid of an adapter.

Large range of applications
Numerous options
Whether you want to extend the storage life of your food or divide it into portions, our vacuum sealing drawer is the perfect choice. Vacuum-sealed food stays fresh for longer and is perfectly prepared for sous-vide cooking. Enjoy an intense flavour by vacuum sealing marinated meat. Practical tip: the drawer can also be used to reseal packaging or jars once you have opened them.

Fully telescopic runners
Practical and ergonomic
The Miele Gourmet drawer can be opened all the way thanks to the practical fully telescopic runners. This makes it much easier for you to load and unload the drawer and ensures convenient handling. With its stable telescopic runners, the drawer is easy to open and close.

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EVS 7010 Handleless built-in vacuum drawer, 14 cm high for professional vacuum packing of... more
Specification: 14cm Vacuum Drawer In Obsidian Black
Colour: Black
Cool Door Front: Y
Opening Mechanism: Push to Open
Other Features: Three Vacuum Settings
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