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Installation & Removal


Throughout our standard delivery area, we can offer you a high quality installation service. Our logistics team can install any freestanding appliance, (with the exception on a gas cooker, please see lower section on gas installation), built in electric single ovens and in column electric double ovens. This service follows best practice guidelines and no alterations can or will be made to existing pipe work or electrical connections. We describe this as “on a like for like basis to suitable existing adjacent services”.

Installation Charges

Freestanding* Fridge, Freezer, Tumble Dryer, or Fridge Freezer FREE OF CHARGE

Freestanding* Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Washer Dryer or Plumbed Fridge Freezer £20

Freestanding Electric Cooker £60

Built in Electric Single Oven £50

In Column Electric Double Oven £75

Electric Range Cooker Installation £80

*Please note we will not stack an item on top of another product or work surface without it being properly secured with a suitable stacking kit or safety device.

*The word freestanding refers to any appliance that is not contained within a cabinet housing, or behind a cupboard door. Any item requiring fixing kits, screws, or concealing is not covered by this installation charge. A freestanding appliance is designed to be seen from any angle and has factory finished sides, top and front panels.

In most cases, we can reverse the doors of a fridge or freezer or a fridge freezer if required. For an item with a single door on we charge £15, for an item with 2 doors eg a fridge freezer, we charge £30. With American and French style refrigeration we can remove the door completely to access your property, but if we need to do this, we have a £50 surcharge.

Most Built In Appliances

For built in appliances including integrated/semi integrated dishwashers, washing machines, integrated refrigeration, and built under electric double ovens, Gillman’s now offer an installation service through our website. This installation is performed by a high quality fitter. Our delivery and fitting service works as an all day call from 8am to 6pm as these installations can take time. We cannot offer an upgraded AM or PM delivery on these items. This installation service is available from Monday to Friday.

Built in Appliance Fitting Charges

Fully Integrated and Semi Integrated dishwashers £90

Integrated Refrigeration of all types £90

Integrated Microwaves and Steam Ovens £90

Integrated Washing Machines and Washer Dryers £90

Built Under Double Ovens £75

All of these charges are for deliveries within the GL postcode area. If you are purchasing from any other postcode then an addition £20 surcharge will be applied per appliance due to the time and distance of the delivery.

Gillman's Recommended Appliance Installers

We can also recommend to you some other independent tradesmen who are professional installers if our delivery and installation options do not suit you.

Trevor Palmer – Trevor is a specialist in built in appliance installation. He has worked closely with Gillman’s for over 30 years. Providing a high standard of workmanship and capable of making alterations to existing kitchen fittings, Trevor is friendly, reliable and provides a free survey if you are not sure about the fitting of your future purchase.

Gas Installations

All of our gas installations are performed to current Gas Safe regulations, and all our installers are Gas Safe Certified. Our Gas Safe register number is: 15970.

Gas Installation Charges

Gas hobs, Built in Single Gas Ovens and Freestanding Gas and Dual Fuel Cookers up to 60cm wide £85.00. This is to suitable existing adjacent services.

Range cookers above 70 cm wide, Gas Double Cavity or Double Gas Oven in column or under worktop £125.  This is to suitable existing adjacent services.

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Installing To Regulation Standards


The above measurements are a guide only, they can vary between manufactures and models. To ensure your new appliance gives you many years of trouble free service we recommend the you fully follow the manufacturers instructions for fitting, use and maintenance.

Where possible we publish manufacturer guidelines for installation. The installation diagram is available as a product image. We will not be held responsible for changes in installation requirements, or failure to follow installation guidelines.

Failed Installations

Occasionally installations fail. Gillman’s will not be held responsible for failure to fit your appliance or any additional cost incurred due to unforeseen circumstances. We can recommend some local tradesmen that may be able to help you.


A&n electrical - a fully qualified electrician for electrical socket and wiring alterations.


Richard Gough - A fully qualified independent Plumber for drainage and water pipe alterations.

Please Note: The independent plumbers and electricians we recommend  will always charge you the customer direct for any work they do on completion of any work.

Disposal Of Your Old Appliance

You have 3 options when disposing of your old appliance depending on the choices you make during you purchase.

If you choose to collect your item from our showroom you can return your old appliance to us within 28 days and we will dispose of it for free. Please bring a copy of your receipt.

If you have your item delivered but not installed you must disconnect your old appliance before we deliver and we dispose of it for £20 per item on all appliances.

If you are having your appliance delivered and installed we will disconnect it and dispose of it for the currently advertised charges.

Where a product is being delivered nationally we recommend you contact your local council for the most environmentally friendly method of disposal as we will not be able to collect your old appliance.

Weee Regulations

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is now UK law. The legislation aims to make producers pay for the collection, treatment and recovery of waste electrical equipment. The regulations also mean that suppliers of equipment like high street shops and internet retailers must allow consumers to return their waste equipment free of charge.

Gillman’s offer a collection and disposal service if we are delivering your appliance. This carries a charge as advertised if completed at the time of delivery.


Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams. Items marked with this symbol must be disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations.


The amount of WEEE we throw away is increasing by around 5% each year, making it the fastest growing waste system in the UK.

Much of the UK's WEEE ends up in landfill, where the lead & other toxins it contains can cause soil and water contamination. This can have a harmful effect on the natural habitat, wildlife & also human health. Many electrical items that we throw away can be repaired or recycled. Recycling items helps to save out finite natural resources & also reduces the environmental & health risks associated with sending electrical goods to landfill.

Distributors of new electrical & electronic (EEE) have a part to play in reducing the amount of WEEE going to landfill sites.

Gillman’s is obliged under these regulations to offer our customers a free take-back of their WEEE on a like for like basis when they buy a new electrical product from us. We only charge to cover our costs in collecting any WEEE appliance.

An example - If you purchase a new taoster, we will take back your old one for free so that it can be safely disposed of, preventing it from going to landfill.

You may also return your old appliance to our store within 28 days of your purchase and we will dispose of your item free of charge.

There are other ways to dispose of your appliance. Your local council will offer a collection service of large items, (this may carry a charge), and both small and large appliances may be taken to your local council recycling centre.

In Gillman’s store we also offer a battery recycling facility, just bring in your small batteries and we will get them recycled for you.

Gillman’s are registered to carry Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Our registration number is:  WEE/JG0060TU