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9kg Heatpump Condenser Tumble Dryer With WiFiConnect

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Drying results SteamFinish Steam smoothing programme - instead of ironing If ironing... more
Product information "9kg Heatpump Condenser Tumble Dryer With WiFiConnect"

Drying results

Steam smoothing programme - instead of ironing
If ironing is not one of your favourite pastimes, you will love the steam smoothing programme. At the beginning of the drying process, water is sprayed into the honeycomb drum creating a fine mist which is heated by the drying air. The steam created penetrates the textiles and visibly smooths the laundry. This ensures that ironing is much easier and quicker - or even completely unnecessary.

Perfect Dry
Precise drying thanks to mineral sensors
With this patented system, laundry dries perfectly even if the water contains significant amounts of calcium. This is not the norm on machines without Perfect Dry as the calcium content in water influences residual moisture sensing and impacts drying results. Perfect Dry adjusts the drying process precisely to suit the current calcium content of the water. This ensures that the selected drying level is always achieved.

Efficiency and sustainability

Keeping a close eye on consumption parameters
The Eco feedback function helps you to dry as economically as possible. The estimated energy consumption appears before the start of the selected programme. The actual consumption is displayed during and after drying. This value will vary depending on the load. This allows you, on the basis of accurate data, to protect the environment and save money. Filter saturation is also indicated. Because: a clean fluff filter saves energy.

Energy efficiency
Economical and environmentally friendly drying
This is how environmentally friendly a tumble dryer can be: all Miele heat-pump dryers achieve at least the A++ energy efficiency class, and the best ones are even 10 % more energy-efficient than the value (24) required to achieve the best energy efficiency rating A+++. This saves you money and you can dry your laundry with a clear conscience.

ProfiEco motor
Economical, powerful and maintenance-free
Experience extraordinarily high-performance motors in Miele dryers: highly efficient permanent-magnet motors. They are extremely economical due to improved efficiency. They are also maintenance-free fully compliant with the life expectancy of Miele appliances.

Maintenance-free heat exchanger
Reliable down to the last detail
In Miele heat-pump dryers, the heat exchanger is protected by an effective filtration system and does not require cleaning. This ensures that energy consumption stays low continually for the complete service life of the appliance.

EcoDry technology
Savings for the life of your tumble dryer
Miele EcoDry technology guarantees long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Thanks to the effective interaction between the patented1 Miele filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, fluff cannot clog up the heat exchanger, which can cause blockages and reduce power output over time.

Gentle laundry care

Intelligent drum reversal
Automatic change of rotation direction
A Miele tumble dryer changes the direction of the drum rotation at irregular intervals. This prevents laundry becoming tangled up, ensures more uniform drying and reduces creasing.

Anti-crease action
Laundry is loosened automatically
If you cannot remove your textiles immediately after the programme end, anti-crease action ensures that the laundry is loosened at regular intervals and does not crease.

Honeycomb drum
Unique honeycomb structure for gentle fabric care
The unique honeycomb structure lifts the laundry higher in the rotating drum. Items hover for longer in the warm air stream which results in more uniform drying. Air pockets form in the individual hexagons and cushion the fall of laundry. This ensures that your laundry is treated much more gently and is less creased after drying making ironing easier. It also simplifies ironing considerably.


Enamelled front
High-quality surfaces
Miele is the only manufacturer of domestic appliances to enamel the front panels of all washing machines, tumble dryers and washer-dryers. The high-quality enamel is scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, alkaline-resistant, impervious to acids, easy to clean and colour-fast.

The best noise levels
Minimum background noise
The casing and air circuit on Miele heat-pump dryers are designed to minimise airflow and vibration noise. This allows you to switch on your tumble dryer at any time without disturbing noises. Certain models also feature an "Extra quiet" special programme that dries your washing even more quietly.


Highest condensation efficiency
Minimum moisture loss dry environment
Being leak-proof is very important with regard to the quality of a tumble dryer. The less moist, warm air escaping from the appliance, the higher the condensation effect. High levels of moisture escaping into a closed room are also very unpleasant: condensation on walls can result in mould and damage the fabric of a building. Miele tumble dryers achieve optimum leak-proof values and consequently the highest condensation efficiency class.

User convenience

Convenient fluff filter
Easily accessible
With the intelligent fluff filter you are finally rid of bothersome fluff. And in addition, the fluff filter is especially convenient: If the clear text message "clean airways" appears, the Miele fluff filter can be easily removed from the front. The especially smooth screen surface makes cleaning very easy and convenient. Fluff filters and laundry are kept separate at all times - guaranteeing fluff-free laundry.

Integrated condensed water drainage
No longer necessary to empty condensate container
All Miele condenser dryers, including heat-pump dryers, feature integrated condensate drainage with a hose tidy. You can drain the condensed water directly away into a sink or siphon and so avoid the need to empty the condensed water container.

Delay start and countdown indicator
Well-planned laundry care
The delay start feature allows you to determine when you want the next drying programme to start. This is particularly advantageous if you want to use night-time electricity tariffs or if the programme needs to be finished at a certain time, for instance when you come home from work. You can postpone the start of a programme by up to 24 hours. The display also indicates when the current programme will finish.

Drum lighting
Convenience you can see
All Miele tumble dryers are equipped with drum lighting and many even with maintenance-free LED lighting. This illuminates the Miele honeycomb drum so perfectly that you can no longer overlook any laundry items. Easy to use and easy on the eye.

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Drying results SteamFinish Steam smoothing programme - instead of ironing If ironing... more
Specification: 9kg Heatpump Condenser Tumble Dryer With WiFiConnect
Load Size: 9kg
Water Tank Position: Top Left
Drying Type: Sensor Drying
Energy Rating: A+++
Height: 850mm
Width: 596mm
Depth: 636mm
Colour: White
Digital Display: Yes
Condenser Type: Energy Efficient Heatpump
Noise Rating: 62dB
Average Cycle Duration: 208mins/Cycle
Delay Start: Yes
Delay Start Increments: Up To 24 Hours
Reverse Action: Yes
Water Full Indicator: Yes
Self Cleaning Condenser: No
Clean Filter Indicator: Yes
Condensation Efficiency Class: A
Energy Consumption per Annum: 193kWh/Annum
Cost of Running @ 16p per Unit: £30.88
Interior Light: Yes
Can The Waste Water Be Plumbed: Yes
Specialist Features: WiFiConnect
Top 5 Programmes: Automatic, Cottons, Minimum Iron, Delicates, Shirts
<b></b>: MTouch the appliance is controlled by tapping or swiping
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