Miele WCD320

8kg 1400rpm A+++ Washing Machine In White

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8kg 1400rpm A+++ Washing Machine In White
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Washing Machines

  • WCD320
  • WCG660

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  • TCB140
  • TCF640

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  • MIE-WCD320
  • 850mm
  • 595mm
  • 610mm
WCD 320 WCS PWash & 8kg W1 Front-loading washing machine best wash results in no time Your... more
Product information "8kg 1400rpm A+++ Washing Machine In White"
WCD 320 WCS PWash & 8kg
W1 Front-loading washing machine best wash results in no time

Your exclusive advantages

Honeycomb drum
Perfect laundry care
The web-like surface structure of the Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. This results in laundry gliding gently and protects the fibres perfectly. The smaller, smoothly polished shouldered holes in the walls of the drum are also gentle on your textiles and prevent pilling and laddering. Foreign objects such as paper clips no longer end up in the drain pump.

The perfect addition for special applications
Items requiring special treatment can be dealt with conveniently using Miele portioned capsules. They are simply placed into the fabric conditioner compartment. The appliance dispenses the contents at the perfect point in the wash process - completely automatically. Your choice: 6 special detergents (Sport, Down, Outdoor, WoolCare, SilkCare, Proofing agent), 3 softeners (Aqua, Nature, Cocoon), as well as a Booster for stubborn soiling.

Revolutionary economy with every load
Miele appliances with PowerWash 2.0 wash up to 40%* more efficiently than required for energy efficiency class A+++ - and even clean small loads energy efficiently. The secret: The innovative Spin&Spray washing technology enables a very low water level to be used and thereby saves energy when heating up. And all this with good cleaning performance, excellent rinse results and moderate programme run times, even in the Cottons Eco programme.


Water Control System
Safety thanks to an additional sensor
The Water Control System (WCS) monitors the water intake with a water level sensor. Water intake is stopped automatically if the normal water level is not reached. If there is water leakage inside the machine, the inlet valve inside the machine closes and water in the suds container is pumped away. A float switch in the drip tray also detects leaking water.

Water protection guarantee
Guaranteed water protection!
Miele provides protection for your home for all Miele water protection systems - for appliances used for the equivalent of 20 years. Should you incur damage to property as a result of a defect in the water protection system, you have a safety guarantee*. In the context of the terms and conditions of the water protection system Miele will bear the costs for property damage resulting from any defect of the system. so long as the appliance was professionally installed.

User Convenience

Delay start and countdown indicator
Well-planned laundry care
The delay start feature allows you to determine when you want the next wash programme to start. This is particularly advantageous if you want to use nighttime electricity tariffs or if the programme needs to be finished at a certain time, for instance when you come home from work. You can postpone the start of a programme by up to 24 hours. The display also indicates when the current programme will finish.

Washing Programs

Most gentle treatment of your favourite garments
No shrinkage, no felting: Delicate wool fabrics are cared for particularly gently, maintaining their quality.

Business as usual
Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.

Equip textiles with functions
Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.

Express 20
Washing and drying in the shortest time
Quickly freshened up: lightly soiled and small laundry quantities are quickly ready for use again.

Efficiency and Sustainability

ProfiEco motor
Economical, powerful and maintenance free.
Experience extraordinarily powerful motors in Miele washing machines. the ProfiEco motor from Miele is also economical and quiet. It consumes less electricity and is maintenance-free. For efficient and convenient washing for many years.


Highest Miele quality for a long service life
Unique quality
Miele carries out intensive endurance tests during the development stage in order to meet the highest quality standards. During these tests appliances have to wash for 10,000 hours. This involves running approximately 5000 wash programmes. In terms of daily laundry this equates to about 5 programmes per week with an average run time of 2 hours - for 20 years.

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WCD 320 WCS PWash & 8kg W1 Front-loading washing machine best wash results in no time Your... more
Specification: 8kg 1400rpm A+++ Washing Machine In White
Load Size: 8kg
Spin Speed: 1400rpm
Colour: White
Energy Rating: A+++
Height: 845mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 600mm
Number of Programmes: 10
Noise Rating: 74dB
Quick Cycle Time: 20 mins
Water Consumption per Annum: 10120ltrs/Annum
Digital Display: Y
Adjustable Wash Temperatures: Y
Adjustable Spin Speeds: Y
Time Remaining Indicator: Y
Delay Start: Y
Delay Start Increments: Up To 24 Hours
Time Saver Option: Y
Extra Rinse Option: Y
Pre Wash Option: Y
Spin Only Option: Y
Maintainance Wash Option: N
Spin Performance: B
Energy Consumption Per Annum: 156kWh/Annum
Running Cost @ 16p Per Unit: £24.96
Top 5 Programmes: Express 20, Shirts, Cottons, Woollens, Minimum Iron
Specialist Features: AutoClean Detergent Drawer
<b></b>: Cleaning cannot be faster QuickPowerWash
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