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Miele G6730SC-BRWH 14 Place, 3d Cutlery Tray, 9 Programmes


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Miele G6730SC-BRWH
14 Place, 3d Cutlery Tray, 9 Programmes

Freestanding dishwasher Savings thanks to energy efficiency class A+++ and from 6.5 l in sensor wash programme.

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  • : Perfect results in less than one hour - QuickPowerWash
  • : Everything completely dry - AutoOpen drying
  • : A new era of cutlery care - 3D cutlery tray
  • : Wash with the cheapest tariff - FlexiTimer with EcoStart
14 Place, 3d Cutlery Tray, 9 Programmes
This product comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty

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Energy Rating

Energy Rating A+++
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Miele G6730SC-BRWH
14 Place, 3d Cutlery Tray, 9 Programmes


Energy Rating

Energy Rating A+++
Miele basket design
Revolution on wheels
Basket handles, a functionally redesigned lower basket as well as many innovative functions in the upper basket: Miele dishwashers usher in a new era of basket design.

ExtraComfort basket design
With many extras
The ExtraComfort basket has the following design characteristics: 3D cutlery tray, basket handles, height adjustable upper basket, fixed row of spikes in the upper basket, MultiComfort area in the lower basket, 2 fixed rows of spikes in the lower basket and 2 height adjustable holders for glasses in the lower basket

MultiComfort area in the lower basket1
The perfect position for each item of crockery
The new and unique MultiComfort area can hold plates of various sizes (up to 35 cm ) in three rows. Chopping boards, serving platters and hollow containers such as bowls or tall beer glasses can also be placed there in a space-saving manner. In some models the entire lower basket can be easily rearranged to provide a large, flat surface for large pots and pans and bulky items.

Ergonomic basket handles
Elegant in both form and function
Ergonomic basket handles make loading and unloading easier. The high quality is evident in the premium materials used in their manufacture.

Height-adjustable upper basket
Optimum use of space
For all Miele dishwashers, the height of the upper basket is easily adjustable - even in a tilted position. A total of 9 positions are possible. This allows you to make full use of the wash cabinet each time you use the dishwasher.

Ideal for glassware
So that nothing breaks
Optimum loading options for glasses: Height-adjustable holders for glasses and a special support rail for glasses1 in the lower basket ensure that long-stemmed glasses are held securely - for gentle cleaning and sparkling results.

FlexiAssist markings
Colour identification for user convenience
With the FlexAssist markings you can identify at a glance which elements can be repositioned in order to adjust the basket to your needs. Small symbols, such as a cup or a wine glass on the coloured elements point out how the area can be used. At the same time, the FlexAssist markings serve as handle elements. This allows optimum basket versatility with the flick of a wrist.

New Miele basket design
Perfect basket design for every load situation
The new basket design has been thought out to the smallest detail and offers unique solutions. Everything has its proper place for best possible cleaning. The coloured FlexAssist markings point out the flexible elements and are equipped with small symbols. You can design your basket configuration conveniently with the flick of a wrist. Integrated silicone pads in the FlexCare glass holder ensure gentle support for delicate glasses.

Patented1 AutoOpen drying
For perfectly dry crockery
At the end of the programme the door of the dishwasher opens automatically and leaves a small gap. This allows fresh air to reach the crockery and even washed items like plastic dishes dry completely. Your worktop is protected from moisture by special air ducts.

The best door concept of our time
Experience how easily the Miele door opens and closes. Convenient: The door remains in the position of your choice.

Patented1 in-door salt container
Replenish salt conveniently
The patented salt container is inside the dishwasher door. It is easy to refill it from a standing position with the door half open. Bending and removing the lower basket or searching around in the wash cabinet are no longer necessary.

Delay start with integrated countdown indicator
Save electricity while sleeping
The 24 hour delay start feature allows you to operate your dishwasher whenever suits you best and also to take advantage of cheaper (night-time) electricity tariffs. The countdown indicator lets you know how long the selected programme has to run. This keeps you informed on the programme status of your dishwasher at all times.

Perfect GlassCare1
The best care for your glasses
Soft water will clean crockery throroughly but has an aggressive effect on glass. To counter this, Miele dishwashers feature Perfect GlassCare technology. It ensures that your glasses are washed gently - so you can enjoy then for many years.

Perfect drying - always
The ambient temperature in the kitchen and the size of the load in the dishwasher can affect the drying process. In the Sensor wash/Automatic programme, SensorDry ensures optimum drying results even under conditions that are not ideal.

Excellent cleaning performance...
Unmatched synergy: The new dishwasher programme QuickPowerWash and the specially designed UltraTabs Multi achieve the best possible cleaning and drying results for normally soiled crockery in 58 minutes. The specially developed tabs dissolve in only 2-3 minutes. Thus, the cleaning performance begins right at the start of the wash programme. The result: Cleaning performance class A1.

Superior energy efficiency
Energy savings with perfect results
The energy label informs you at a glance about the efficiency and capacity of your dishwasher. Miele appliances combine perfect cleaning and drying results with very low electricity and water consumption: Energy efficiency class A+++ Annual energy consumption: 237 kWh Annual water consumption: 2716 litres Drying class: A Best results with low consumption.

FlexiTimer with EcoStart
Protects your wallet and the environment
Miele dishwashers now work even more intelligently. With EcoStart you can protect the environment and make use of time variable tariffs, leaving the selection of the cheapest electricity tariff for the particular running time, to your appliance. You can programme three different tariffs and only have to determine the latest possible finish time. The dishwasher will choose the cheapest starting time within the time window provided.

Reduced load1
Less consumption
Using automatic load recognition, Miele dishwashers automatically detect the amount of crockery in the wash cabinet and adjust the use of water and electricity accordingly. Thanks to this automatic function you don't always have to wait until your dishwasher is fully loaded.

Hot water connection
Save up to 50% electricity
All Miele dishwashers can be connected to a hot water supply of up to 60C. This reduces power consumption by up to 50% and the programme duration by up to 10%. In the ECO programme the energy consumption of your dishwasher drops to as little as 0.45 kWh.

Always focused on consumption
A Miele dishwasher makes it easy for you to wash your dishes with the environment in mind every day. When you select a programme, the EcoFeedback function displays the estimated water and electricity consumption. This allows you to select the option which is best for the environment. You can view the actual consumption values in the display at the end of the programme.

Freshwater dishwashers - water consump. from 6.5 l
The most economical Miele dishwashers ever Miele dishwashers only use fresh mains water. The Sensor wash/Automatic programme uses as little as 6.5 litres* of water - significantly less than filling your kitchen sink. With this feature Miele has reduced water consumption by 85% over the last 30 years. Electricity consumption is also reduced to new all-time lows: In the ECO programme, Miele dishwashers achieve energy consumption values of only 0.83 kWh*.

Water protection guarantee1
Wasserschutz - garantiert1
To protect against water damage, all Miele dishwashers feature the Waterproof System. Should you incur damage to property as a result of a defect in the water prot. system you have the reassurance of knowing it is guaranteed for 20 years. In the context of the terms and conditions of the water prot. system Miele will bear the costs for property damage resulting from any defect of the system, so long as the appliance was professionally installed.

The best noise levels
Very quiet
Miele dishwashers operate at particularly quiet noise levels from 41 dB (A)1 and deliver consistently perfect results. This is even significantly more quiet than a normal conversation.

A new dimension for sustainability
Miele - second to none when it comes to sustainability. The SolarSave programme is ideal for households that have a solar heat system, a heat pump or a gas-oil heating system, because it only uses the temperature of the already heated, incoming water. Thanks to the intelligent programme management feature you can achieve a sensationally low electricity consumption of 0.05 kWh per wash cycle.

Energy save
The option for conserving resources
This option makes an additional reduction in electricity consumption possible by adjusting temperatures and activation times.


Miele G6730SC-BRWH
14 Place, 3d Cutlery Tray, 9 Programmes


Energy Rating

Energy Rating A+++
Perfect results in less than one hour - QuickPowerWash
Everything completely dry - AutoOpen drying
A new era of cutlery care - 3D cutlery tray
Wash with the cheapest tariff - FlexiTimer with EcoStart
Number of Place Settings 14
Number of Programmes 9
Digital Display Yes
Energy Efficiency A+++
Height 845mm
Width 598mm
Depth 600mm
Noise Rating 44dB
Most Water Efficient Cycle Automatic/Sensor wash programme
Water Consumption on that Cycle 6.5Ltrs
Water Consumption per Annum 2716/Annum
Colour White
Construction Type Full Size Freestanding
Delay Start Yes
Delay Start Increments Up to 24 Hours
Half Load Yes
Time Saver Option Yes
Salt Indicator Yes
Rinse Aid Indicator Yes
Cutlery Tray or Basket Cutlery Tray
Internal Light No
Height Adjustable Top Basket Yes
Top Basket Features Miele Patented Basket Design
Bottom Basket Features Multi Comfort Area
Quick Wash Yes
Quick Wash Time 58 Minutes
Specialist Features In-Door Salt Container, Hot Water Connection
Drying Performance A
Energy Use per Annum 213kWh/Annum
Running Cost @ 16p per Unit £34.08/Annum
Top Programmes Eco, Automatic (sensor wash), Intensive 75, Normal 55, Quick Powerwash
Miele Basket Features - 3D Cutlery Tray + Yes
Miele Basket Features - Patented 3D Cutlery Tray No
Miele Basket Features - Original Cutlery Tray No
Miele Basket Features - Cutlery Basket No
Miele Basket Features - MultiComfort Area Yes

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Do you need special equipment to fit this. Like to adjust the height. do you attach this to the under side of the counter top?


The machine comes with adjustable feet so once in position the height can be adjusted to fit under the worktop

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Confirmed purchase: 24 August 2017
Published on: 21 September 2017