About Us


GILLMAN’S: A Legacy of Excellence Since 1969

Established in the historic city of Gloucester in 1969 by the visionary Erika and John Gillman, GILLMAN’S is more than a business – it is a testament to the enduring values of family, commitment, and exceptional service. Today, Annabelle and Robert Gillman, the second generation of the Gillman family, proudly carry forward the legacy as the current owners and directors of this esteemed establishment.

The Gillman family's commitment to excellence extends to the third generation, where Sarah, John, and Richard Gillman, distinguished by their decades of service, hold pivotal roles as senior department managers. Their unwavering dedication has played a pivotal role in shaping GILLMAN’S into a paragon of reliability and professionalism.

Operating from a sprawling retail showroom in Gloucester, a secondary retail enclave in Ross-On-Wye, and a state-of-the-art commercial showroom in the thriving city of Exeter, GILLMAN’S has positioned itself as a prominent presence in the realm of appliances. As of January 2023, our dynamic and dedicated team comprises 76 individuals, all contributing to the success and reputation that GILLMAN’S enjoys today.

At the heart of our ethos lies a profound pride in our extensive product knowledge, an unyielding commitment to customer service, and the distinction of being a truly independent, family-run enterprise. GILLMAN’S is more than a business; it is a sanctuary for those seeking excellence in both products and services.

In our journey towards distinction, we take immense pride in being the one-stop destination for all commercial and domestic appliance needs. Whether it be a retail purchase or service requirements, GILLMAN’S promises an unparalleled experience. Join us in our commitment to quality, legacy, and the timeless values that have defined GILLMAN’S for over five decades.