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Returns & Refunds

Online Returns and Refunds

You’ll get a full refund within 14 days.*

UK based call centre in Gloucester.

We can collect your product from you at your request.

Things You Should Know

*We allow you to unpack and inspect your product as if it were a showroom item. However, should you install or use the item (EG Removing transit bolts from a washing machine, or putting water into an iron) or damage or devalue the item in any way, we will only make a partial refund. All products should be returned in full, complete with packaging, and with any complimentary gifts included. If you choose to return your item using our services you will be charged a collection fee. Your refund will be processed within 14 days of collection or return to the store. We reserve the right to inspect your item before the refund takes place.

Other Services

Should you choose to cancel any additional services (EG Removal of your old appliance, or installation) we will not refund that service once it has been successfully completed. Once a service has been performed, you have waved your right to cancel it.


To cancel your order please use this E-mail address:

Please also see our full terms and conditions for our full refunds policy.