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Products from BEYERDYNAMIC

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Pro Mobile Stereo Headphones 34ohm Closed Back
Pro Mobile Stereo Headphones 34ohm Closed Back
The compact over-ear is perfect for mobile use and offers real studio performance in any environment: check your recordings directly on the spot and work on your project while you are still travelling home. DT 240 PRO Mobile studio...
£75.00 *
High-end Open Back 250ohm Headphones (481807)
High-end Open Back 250ohm Headphones (481807)
The Beyerdynamic DT 990 uses advanced technology to provide a good listening experience. It has an open back design and a strong spring steel headband. For enhanced comfort, these silver/black headphones offer a soft headband pad. Its...
£169.00 *
High Quality Semi Open Over Ear Headphones- 250 Ohms
High Quality Semi Open Over Ear Headphones- 250...
Highly accurate sound with 250 ohms impedance Improved listening experience thanks to the semi-open back design Listen for hours in comfort with soft earpads and ergonomic headband Perfect for professional studio use Superior audio...
£172.00 *
Amiron Wireless High-end Stereo 32ohm Headphones (718394)
Amiron Wireless High-end Stereo 32ohm...
With the Amiron wireless, your music has the space to reach its full potential – and follow you wherever you go. Without cables. With best sound quality. Amiron Wireless Key Features Circumaural headphones with optimum sound quality...
£519.00 *
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