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Miele ESW7110-CLST

14cm Warming Drawer With 4 Temnperature Settings

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  • MIE-ESW7110-CLST
Special features Low temperature cooking Reduced heat for flavoursome results Low... more
Product information "14cm Warming Drawer With 4 Temnperature Settings"

Special features

Low temperature cooking
Reduced heat for flavoursome results
Low temperature cooking is the perfect way to cook high-quality meat: this professional method gently cooks the meat at low temperatures to ensure that the flavours and nutrients are preserved. The meat will be tender, succulent and flavoursome and can be sliced as soon as the cooking process comes to an end. There is no need to allow the meat to rest first as the meat juices are evenly distributed.

User convenience

Four functions
Universal use
Plenty of choice: with our Gourmet warming drawer, you can choose between four different functions. Preheat your coffee cups for unadulterated enjoyment. In the evening, you can enjoy the luxury of prewarmed plates. If you're not quite ready to serve food after cooking, the drawer will keep it warm for you. And the low temperature cooking function is perfect for cooking tender and succulent meat.

SensorTouch controls
Intuitive and straightforward
Simple controls: the Miele Gourmet warming drawers can be operated easily and intuitively via a SensorTouch panel which is under a glass fascia. It provides direct access to all of the functions for optimised user convenience. At the same time, the touch panel is easy to clean and is therefore very low-maintenance.

One touch is enough
Hands full? No problem press gently on the drawer and it will open straight away thanks to the practical Push2open mechanism. The spring mechanism ensures that the drawer opens wide, making loading and operating easy. The deliberate lack of a handle ensures that the drawer blends in perfectly with our built-in appliances.

Care-free convenience
Care-free cooking: the 4-hour timer allows you to get on with other things during the cooking process the Miele Gourmet drawer will switch off automatically after the programmed time. This gives you more freedom and allows you to concentrate on other things while your food is cooking.

Appliance networking with Miele@home
More freedom, safety and convenience
Networking your appliances gives you more freedom, safety and convenience. We can offer you specially designed functions and an ever-growing range of networked services with Miele, you will always be at the cutting edge of digital convenience.

Fully telescopic runners
Practical and ergonomic
The Miele Gourmet drawer can be opened all the way thanks to the practical fully telescopic runners. This makes it much easier for you to load and unload the drawer and ensures convenient handling. With its stable telescopic runners, the drawer is easy to open and close.

Large range of applications
Numerous options
From melting chocolate to gently defrosting food: with the Miele Gourmet warming drawer, you can prepare all kinds of foods just the way you like them, with top-quality results every time. As a particular highlight, the low temperature cooking function produces wonderfully succulent and tender results with any type of meat.

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Special features Low temperature cooking Reduced heat for flavoursome results Low... more
Specification: 14cm Warming Drawer With 4 Temnperature Settings
Colour: Clean Steel
Plate Capacity: 6
Number Of Heat Steeings: 4
Cool Door Front: Y
Opening Mechanism: Push to Open
Temperature Control Type: Set Positions
Type of Internal Base: Anti Slip Mat
Programmable: Y
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