Perla Silk 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener

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The BWT Perla Silk Smart Enabled Luxury Water Softener - Designed for you, your family  and... more
Product information "Perla Silk 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener"

The BWT Perla Silk Smart Enabled Luxury Water Softener - Designed for you, your family  and your home


This BWT water softener model is the PS10UK - The perfectly sized Luxury water softener for homes of up to 4 people. Easy to set up and live with Perla Silk S will slide easily into most kitchen cupboards.


The BWT PERLA Silk has been designed to compliment today’s busy lifestyles, and to deliver copious amounts of perfect softened water efficiently with very low levels of water and salt consumption. Luxurious silky BWT water is great for the whole family. Tough on scale and scum, kitchen and bathroom cleaning times are reduced, leaving more free time for you and family. The BWT Perla Silk changes hard, water into luxuriously silky soft pearl water - perfect for preserving that new look kitchen and bathroom in your home.


Smart options for a changing world. The BWT Perla Silk is smart, well designed and attractive to look at but its real beauty lies in its smart approach to delivering soft silky BWT Luxury Water. The smart and intuitive customer interface allows for straight forward communication in any language. Smart power options provide the flexibility of non-mains electric operation, protection from power cuts and rechargeable options for off grid installations. All models in the range also benefit from the inclusion of a brine well safety check valve for extra peace of mind to you.


The BWT Perla Silk - Is a range of Ion exchange water softeners for the treatment of hard water, scale reduction and lifestyle enhancement. Their appliance like design and technically advanced features are designed to compliment modern living and sets them apart from the competition Designed and manufactured in the UK they are compatible with all standard plumbing systems.


Ion exchange is a chemical process that actually removes the minerals that cause limescale leaving the water with characteristics very similar to that of naturally occurring soft water. This separates the Perla Silk from other water treatment products that only condition the water.


BWT PERLA Silk- Enjoy BWT Pearl water


Silky soft Luxury water is perfect for you and your home. It caresses the skin making it feel softer, hair feels shinier too. Softened water in the washing machine, helps suds wash away more easily leaving towels and clothes feeling softer.


BWT PERLA Silk - Protect your home


Silky soft BWT Luxury water reduces limescale deposits in the domestic water system and thus provides protection for your appliances, ceramics, glassware and shiny surfaces.


BWT PERLA Silk - Saving you money


Silky soft Luxury water is kinder to the environment and your purse. Fewer limescale deposits in your appliances also means less energy is lost. Thanks to the softer water, your use of washing and cleaning agents as well as care products could be reduced by up to 50%.


BWT Perla Silk Key Benefits


The copious amounts of softened water 

Its appliance like appearance & compact size

Multi function back lit display

The choice to use tablet or block salt*

Wi - FI Connectivity on selected models

The choice of power supply options

Simple bypass operation for service and holidays 

Easy product registration and optional full six  years @ home warranty

Free commissioning


BWT Perla Technical Features


Uniconnect block and high flow hoses – offers simple installation, bypass operation and maintains earth bonding.

Automatic & intelligent regeneration for uninterrupted softened water supply

Data protection memory function stores data in the event of a power cut.

Multifunction back-lit display with capacity indicator

‘Rotary’ valve for reliability

Blending valve for your perfect water hardness

Consumer adjustable regeneration time 

Easy lift lid for easy loading of salt blocks or cubes*

Proportional brining only regenerates the capacity  used to save water & salt

‘Monospheric’ resin for greater softening efficiency

Brine safety valve for added protection

Adapts performance to suit today’s busy lifestyles

Full 5 year parts & 2 year labour 


BWT PERLA Silk - Key Highlights


The BWT Perla silk comes with so much more than what you might expect.  Wherever you have a detailed look – design, technology, safety, setup, operation etc –  you will be amazed how much value you get for your money


Design - BWT Perla Silk is smart well designed and impresses with its sleek, straightforward and clear style. In addition, its functionality and robustness should be emphasized. The compact housing with integrated display is completely sealed against dust to protect it´s inner beauty that lies behind it‘s smart approach to delivering silky soft BWT Pearl Water.


Intelligent Predictive Regeneration - Matching actual usage, lifestyle patterns and future demands allows the BWT Perla Silk to deliver an uninterrupted supply of softened water. Only regenerating when necessary it optimises the use of water and salt for maximum efficiency and real life running costs, making the BWT Perla Silk the perfect choice to meet the demands of the modern home.


Easy Setup - The simple symbol-based screen allows for straight forward communication in any language. The setup will be done in a maximum of 3 steps – setting the time, water-hardness and recharge time.


Brine Check Valve for Safety. Bio Cell for Hygiene Plus - BWT Perla silk includes a brine well check valve, a smart way to help prevent over filling and delivering peace of mind to you. The same benefit will be offered by a the bio cell, that provides a hygiene plus by incorporating an automatic resin disinfection as part of every regeneration.


Independently Tested and EC Compliant - Each individual material used in the construction of the BWT Perla Silk that comes in contact with the water is independently approved by WRAS in the UK. Each model is tested and fully compliant with the European norm 14743 for your peace of mind.


Best Water Home App - So much more than an App - your personal water consultant for up to 30 BWT products and a whole world of benefits - discounts, warranties, extra services - for your Best Water Home.


BWT PERLA Silk - Power Options


Standard Power Options


220/12v AC - DC transformer 


8 C- Cell domestic battery supply: for up to 3 months  operation when mains supply is not available (not  suitable for WI-FI models).


For installations where there is no electric or the power supply is likely to be  subject to interruption BWT Perla silk have alternative power options at an additional cost

1. BWT Rechargeable Power Bank: will provide 3-6 months  of softener use (in normal operation) without the need for  a mains power supply. It is rechargeable for multiple use  and is supplied with a mains power charger for recharging offline/away from the softener battery pack.

2. The Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) will  provide protection from power cuts and has a built in lithium ion battery (capacity for up to 1 months softener use) with recharge loop and power bypass for use with  our standard 12 volt power transformer and can be  installed and recharged inline with the softener



BWT PERLA Silk - Easy Installation


BWT Perla Silk should be installed on your domestic water inlet directly down stream from the water meter and any protective water filter. Quickly converting hard water into silky soft BWT Pearl water by removing the hardness minerals that cause limescale. BWT Pearl water is carried around the home protecting bathrooms, en-suites, and kitchens from the damaging effects of limescale. Ceramics, sanitary ware, shower screens and taps all benefit from the ‚softer touch‘ of BWT Pearl Water, helping them to sparkle and stay looking like new for longer. Appliances benefit too with no scale to build up and zap the energy from vulnerable heating elements, items like washing machines and dishwashers not only work more efficiently but last longer as well.

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The BWT Perla Silk Smart Enabled Luxury Water Softener - Designed for you, your family  and... more
Specification: Perla Silk 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener
Type: Perla 10 litre softener
Manufacturer: BWT
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