WS Series 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener

WS Series 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener
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BWT WS255 Water Softener - Delivering Irresistibly soft silky luxury water.   Features... more
Product information "WS Series 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener"

BWT WS255 Water Softener - Delivering Irresistibly soft silky luxury water.


Features of the WS255


After a busy day imagine slipping into a hot inviting bath or an invigorating shower and feeling the aches of the day drift away as your body is caressed by the touch of irresistibly soft silky luxurious water.


Step relaxed and refreshed into an opulent soft fluffy robe and gently dry your shiny smooth hair and skin. This may sound like an expensive spa treatment but this luxurious lifestyle is easily achieved by one simple change in your home the installation of a soft water system. Easily fitted you ll soon start to feel the benefits.


Your domestic appliances will last much longer your kitchen and bathrooms will be easier to clean and amazingly your clothes will take on a new found luxury and softness. Softened water uses less soap and detergents than hard water which is not only good news for the environment but the household budget too. Your heating system will also be given a new lease of life as over time softened water will help dissolve and wash away limescale that has accumulated over the years helping to restore its efficiency.


BWT WS255 Water Softener - Features at a Glance


Low water and salt usage = lower operating costs

Sleek modern design = sits comfortably into most kitchen environments

Developed for UK plumbing systems = trouble-free luxury water

Advanced electronic control system = efficient operation

Rotary valve = reliability

Robust materials = durability

Easy set up = simple operation

Five models to choose from (10-25 litres)


BWT WS255 Beautiful simple and easy to use


With research development and customer feedback at the centre of the WS255 water softener design it's no wonder that the unit is one of the most simple and easy to use water softeners on the market today. Setting up your WS255 water softener is as easy as operating your washing machine all you need to do is set the time of day and value of the water hardness entering your home and you're away - set it once and forget it.


Amazingly clever and technically advanced

The easy answer to hard water is the Waterside WS255 water softener. Designed exclusively for the UK market this next generation of Waterside softener uses 'clever' technology to help you fight the effects of hard water around your home easily and effectively.


The unit's compact size allows it to fit neatly into a standard 600mm kitchen floor cupboard without the need to remove the doors or cut away sections of the base. The extra space makes topping up the salt easier and in most cases eliminates the need to site your water softener in the garage loft or in an outside box.


The 'clever' technology extends beyond the wizardry of electronics to include a market leading valve designed to cope with the UK's most demanding hot water systems and kitchen appliances and less moving parts mean maximum reliability.



Built and tested to the latest EC directives on water softeners the WS255 water softener uses advanced electronics and over 67 years of BWT experience to ensure high performance comes as standard with every unit. Including industry leading flow rates calculated to compliment the needs of modern combination and condensing boilers.


And proportional brining to ensure that salt and water is kept to an optimum level and waste is kept to a minimum by only regenerating that part of the resin bed that has been exhausted.



Stainless steel braided high flow hoses are supplied for use with modern direct feed and combination boilers.



The advanced electronics of the WS255 water softener build up a usage pattern for your household to enable the water softener to regenerate at the most appropriate time and with maximum efficiency. Waterside recognise there may be a time when you wish to override certain functions or usage patterns are inconsistent and in these cases the user can set the regeneration time to suit themselves by following the simple instruction contained within the operating manual.



The use of high quality resin and advanced bed design means greater softened water capacity meaning more softened water for you and your home.


Salt Alarm

Lower salt consumption than many comparative models as a result of proportional brining and counter current regeneration means less frequent salt top ups. To ensure you don't forget the WS255 water softener features a state of the art salt alarm which will sound when the salt levels become low.


New Modern Cabinet

The WS255 water softener is stylish with an easy to clean finish that can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to keep it looking as good as the day that it was new. The ergonomically designed cabinet is slim enough to slide into most 600mm kitchen floor cabinets.

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BWT WS255 Water Softener - Delivering Irresistibly soft silky luxury water.   Features... more
Specification: WS Series 10 Litre Luxury Water Softener
Manufacturer: BWT
Type: water softener
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